Using language learning expert Francois Gouin’s experience of going to Germany and failing to learn German, this module demonstrates the need for learners to understand how a language is learned. Gouin’s experience demonstrates not only the need for a diffuse mode of learning wherein practice is valued, but it also demonstrates the psyche of many second language learners. Francois, in some sense, was too smart for his own good, relying on techniques for learning material that don’t apply to language use and application. Students must use techniques and strategies that are proven to help someone acquire language, like those from the good language learner studies. Teachers can facilitate student learning by helping to demonstrate good language learner principles.
  1. Video: Video 1: Language is a Stage
  2. Video: Video 2: Lowering the Affective Filter
  3. Practice Quiz: Checkpoint 1
  4. Video: Video 3: Language Learner Strategies
  5. Video: Video 4: Good Language Learner Strategies
  6. Reading: Teaching Language Learning Strategies
  7. Practice Quiz: Checkpoint 2
  8. Video: Video 5: Summary and Essential Question
  9. Reading: The Lightning Bug
  10. Reading: Three Korean Girls
  11. Reading: Fifty-five Hours
  12. Reading: Pieces
  13. Reading: The Affective Filter Hypothesis